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Bell's Flowers, LLC

Mason Jar

Mason Jar

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Our Mason Jar is ideal for any event and is highly popular among our customers! 
he delicate and vibrant flowers beautifully complement the rustic charm of the Mason Jar. Creating a visually appealing and eye-catching display.

This design is created in our petite size.

This design is arranged in a standard mason jar with a designers choice bow.

The florists pick color scheme incorporates fresh seasonal blooms in whatever colors our talented designers choose and they have total creative freedom. This is perfect for those who can't decide! 

The bright and colorful color scheme incorporates colors that are vibrant and pop! Including yellows, pinks, oranges, etc. 

The pastel perfection color scheme incorporates the soft and soothing colors that nature naturally brings to us. Including whites, soft pinks, peaches, soft yellows, etc.

*Flowers vary due to seasonal availability and what is in stock, our talented florists always select the freshest blooms for your flower bouquets.

Color Scheme


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